Video Gallery

NYK ECIGS - How to fill your clearomiser

A short video showing how to fill up your NYK Ecigs Clearomiser

How to Charge The Manhattan Battery

This short video explains how to charge the Manhattan battery

How to Fix the Battery Connection on the Manhattan

A Short video on how to fix the connection terminal on the battery. This can happen when the terminal is pushed down when over tightening the clearomiser.

How To Fix The Clearomiser Connection on the Manhattan Clearomiser

A short video on how to fix the clearomiser connection issue with the battery

NYK ECIGS - How to Fix Gurgling & Leaking Clearomisers

A short video showing how to fix a electronic cigarettes leaking or gurgling clearomiser.

Heart Surgeon on benefits of E Cigarettes

Pioneering Heart Surgeon detailing the benefits of Ecigs on public health