AIO Pod Kits: Which is Best?

Our Best Pod Vape Kits 2023 – Simple, Compact Mod Pods

Refillable Pod Vapes and Closed Systems We have tried hundreds of kits!

What are the Best Pod Kits that we have chosen?

Every Pod Kit in the list has been personally tried and tested by one of our vape team members and not randomly picked!

So let's dive straight in and check out our best picks for vape pod kits released so far.

1. OXVA Xlim Pod Kit (Editors Choice)
OXVA Xlim Pod Kit 25W The Gourmet Vapor Shop

The Oxva XLIM 25W pod system is a god send to the stick style vaping fans. Oxva may not be a brand name some vapors think of when choosing which brand device they want to purchase, but by god have they designed and produced a faultless piece of gear.

The XLIM has pretty much everything you need for a pod kit and much more whether you are a newbie novice vapor or a weathered veteran vapor.

Generally stick style pod devices have many issues from not having great airflow, which allows a vapor to take a nice long inhale, which in return gives you a good hit and nice flavour.

The coil or pod never has a good low resistance, normally it is slightly on the higher end such as 0.8ohm to 1.2ohm resistance, therefore the device or pod is not able to fire the coil or pod to a high watt thus not delivering a good hit or flavour.

The last thing these types of stick pod devices have issues with is the lack of power. Most kits in these categories max out watts power at around 15W, which is no good for vapors who need a nice hit and emenace flavour.

Hence why the OXVA Xlim is one of our favourite pod kits. It has a massive 25W almost 10W more then most devices. It has a perfect adjustable aiflow giving you a smooth inhale draw and a massive 900mAh battery to power the OXVA Xlim where more devics on a good day usually have 750mAh.

Some bonus features OXVA have included in the Xlim is the rapid charging Type C USB port as well as a nice little screen which shows you the watt power, battery life and puff counter.

The device also has a button to adjust the power and lock the device in case you accidentally fire it up in your pocket. The device can also be locked and operated by its automatic draw inhale action.

The OXVA Xlim has even surprised some of our hard to please customers at our vape shop 'The Gourmet Vapor Shop' so much that they have even specially visited us to thank us for showing them the OXVA Xlim.

Very user friendly 
Immaculate build quality
Surprisingly great pod life
Excellent mind blowing flavour
Manual or auto draw (no buttons to press when vaping)
Well priced more bang for buck!

2. VOOPOO Argus P1 Pod Kit

Voopoo ARGUS P1 Pod Kit Blog Review The Gourmet Vapor Shop

VOOPOO ARGUS P1 Pod Kit we get a very futuristic, mechanical design. Half metal, half transparent, the device is a solid and sophisticated looking device. Both materials gives the vapor a gentle edge rounded finish ensuring maximum comfort when held.

Boasting the GENE AI 1.2 chip being on show through the transparent side finish you can also see a total of four LED’s indicating the battery life of the device adding to that futuristic design claim.

The GENE AI 1.2 chip is clever as it adjusts the power by sensing each puff automatically. Since the device relies entirely on auto draw the chip automatically detects draw strength of the vapor and works out an appropriate wattage to suit.

Adjustable airflow on the side, underneath we have a rapid type C charging port which is a bonus as it allows to charge a device in a vertical position.

The pod has a futuristic design, replicating the curves and contours of the main device. As a result, the mouthpiece is extremely comfortable.

Another bonus is that all the e-liquid is visible through the clear pod design, so you don't need to worry about ever taking a hit with no juice in the tank.

Overall the Argus P1 comes highly recommended, it has great battery power which is cleverly used by the GENE A1.2 chip twinned with the 20W power which works hand in hand.

The deigned is in our opinion a work or art which will definitely turn heads when vaping with your colleagues and friends.

The argus P1 is a perfect device for vapors who love a no maintenance, simple easy device with no headaches of changing actual coils, leaking or taking batteries out to charge for 2 hours with no vape.

Very user friendly
Futuristic design 
Easy fill  all in one closed pod
Great flavour & MTL inhale
Auto draw
Well priced
Lanyard hook for those who easily lose their devices (included)

3. SMOK Solus 2 Pod KitSMOK Solus 2 Pod Kit 15W Best Pod Kit Blog NYKecigs The Gourmet Vapor Shop

The Smok Solus 2 Kit is designed to be a cheap and cheerful pod kit as a replacement to the ever expensive disposable vape bars.

If you looking for something small and cheap that will do the trick and even replace disposable vape bars then this is where the Solus comes in.

It has a a massive 700mAh internal battery which is charged via the Micro USB charge port and will output between 4-16W. The power is automatic so as the battery charge decreases the watt power will drop as well.

An LED indicates the device status and battery power level There are no buttons to adjust any setting just simply inhale on the mouthpiece and the air sensor will trigger the fire system just like a disposable vape bar.

There is no messing about with changing coils leaking issues etc. Once the pod burns out or you lose flavour then replace with a new one.

In the box you will get one pod 0.9ohm Meshed pod and no USB cable but for the price....but this is priced at the price of two disposable vape bars making so much more cost effective after the initial cost!

Replacement pods cost a little more then the cost of one disposable vape bar and in return you get three in a pack, which will generally last a lot longer then a standard disposable bar.

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