Disposables Vs Pod Kits - Which is the Best Option?

Disposables Vs Pod Kit Devices - what's the difference? NYKecigs.com

Disposable vapes and pod kits are two of the simplest choices for folks just starting out with vaping. But it's crucial to grasp their differences and figure out which one aligns with what you like.

In this guide, we'll do a deep dive into comparing vape pod kits and disposables across some important areas like convenience, cost, build quality, nicotine levels, maintenance, flavor options, and environmental impact. Whether you're diving into vaping as a newbie or using it to help kick the smoking habit, this guide will help you find the perfect starting point for your vaping journey.

Let's begin with what's, what?

Disposables vs Pod Kits - What is a Disposable? NYKecigs.com

Disposable vapes, which are sometimes referred to as disposables or disposable vape bars, are compact, one-time-use vaping devices that come pre-filled with e-liquid and come equipped with a pre-charged battery.

They typically offer around a few hundred puffs of vaping pleasure, such as the SKE Crystal Bars, which provide up to 600 puffs, after which both the battery and e-liquid are depleted. Subsequently, users discard the disposable vape and replace it with a fresh one.  According to the TPD UK regulations any disposable vape sold in the UK must be up to 600 puffs anything over such as 3500 puffs, 4500 puffs or above are illegal to purchase or supply.

Disposables vs Pod Kits - What is a Pod Kit? NYKecigs.com

Pod kits, also known as pod systems, are a type of vaping gear that come with a rechargeable battery, a mouthpiece called a drip tip, and removable pods. These pods are super easy to pop in and out, making it a breeze to swap them out or refill them.

So instead of tossing the whole vape when you run out of battery or e-liquid, you can recharge the battery and either refill or switch out the pods.

Now, there are two types of pods in the pod world – refillable and pre-filled (closed pods). Refillable pods come empty, letting you add your favorite e-liquid and use them over and over. On the other hand, pre-filled pods come ready to roll with nicotine salt e-liquid, and some folks call them closed pod systems.

Let's Compare the nitty gritty of the two!



Disposables vs Pod Kits - How convenient are pod kits and disposables? NYKecigs.com

Disposable vapes are like the ultimate vaping no-brainer. Seriously, they're good to go straight out of the box, no charging, no refilling, and some even have no buttons - just take a drag, and you're in business. That's why they're a top choice for folks trying to kick the smoking habit. It's like vaping with training wheels for ex-smokers.

But here's the catch with disposables: once they're empty, they're done. No recharging, no refilling – you gotta buy a fresh one. That's not so hot if you're used to frequent nicotine fixes.

Now, on the flip side, you've got pod kits. They need a bit more TLC because you've gotta recharge them and refill the pods. But here's the sweet part – you can keep using the same kit instead of tossing it when the battery or e-juice is toast. Some might see it as a hassle, while others think it's a breeze compared to the disposable treadmill. It's all about what suits your vibe!

Disposables vs pod kits - Whats the cost? NYKecigs.com
So, those disposable 600 puff bars? They usually last your average vaper about one to two days, and then it's time to grab some new ones. But here's the deal: the prices can swing quite a bit.

Over at NYKecigs, our cheapest disposables are the SKE Crystal Bars, and they're currently on sale for just £3.69. But most disposables are in the ballpark of £5.99 each. Crunch the numbers, and that's around £42.00 a week, £168 a month, or a whopping £2,016 a year. That's no small change!

On the flip side, you've got pod kits. They might need a bit of upfront cash, but they can save you some serious dough down the line. Our cheapest pod kit, the Geekvape Sonder Q Kit Pod Kit, comes in at £11.99.

The prices can vary depending on your taste and what features you're after. After you've grabbed your kit, you'll need to pick up new pods every month or so, plus enough e-liquid to keep those pods filled every few days. And if you're rolling with a more advanced pod kit, there are those replaceable coils to consider. But the good news is, most pods, e-liquids, and replacement coils won't set you back more than a tenner.

When you do the math, it's a wallet-friendlier way to vape compared to the disposable vape kit spending spree.

So, when you stack up pod kits against the price tag of disposables, here's the deal: On average, you're looking at roughly £1.42 a day, which adds up to about £10 a week or £40 a month. That's a total of £480 a year, plus you've got to factor in the cost of pods, which brings it to around £600 all in. Now, if you were to roll with disposables, you'd be shelling out over £2000 a year. Quite the difference, right?

Disposables vs Pod Kits - Whats the quality difference? NYKecigs.com
So, here's the scoop: those disposable e-cigs are built to be short-term pals, not long-lasting companions. That means they're made from cheaper stuff, and they're more likely to give you grief by breaking or leaking.

On the flip side, pod systems are in it for the long haul, so they're a little pricier to begin with but tough materials. While disposables often feel like cheap lightweight plastic, vape pod kits bring the big leagues with a more solid build and fancy materials that make 'em look and feel top-notch.

Now, if you're using vaping as your exit strategy from smoking, you might not care too much about your e-cig's appearance. But if the whole vibe and feel of your vape are a big deal for you, a pod kit could be your ticket to satisfaction.

Disposables vs Pod Kits - What are the nic strength differences? NYKecigs.com
Now, here's another way disposables and pod systems are like night and day – nicotine levels. Disposables often roll with a standard 20mg nicotine punch, but with pod kits, you've got the freedom to dial in your nicotine game.

This is a sweet deal for folks who are ditching cigarettes and want to gradually ease off the nicotine or those who just like keeping an eye on their nicotine intake while they vape. If you're more of a casual vaper, that 20mg hit from a disposable e-cig might leave you feeling a bit woozy or not quite yourself. With a pod system, you can load up with 10mg nic salts and get a better grip on your nicotine journey.

Now, here's the scoop when you're looking to dial down your nicotine game: don't go speeding through the process, especially if you've recently kicked the smoking habit. Trust us, we've been around the block, and there are a couple of things to watch out for.

If you rush to drop your nicotine strength from 20mg to 10mg, you might end up puffing or vaping more than your usual dose at 20mg. Plus, here's the kicker: when you make that switch to 10mg, you might not get the same kick as you did with 20mg. That could lead to some serious cravings for a good ol' traditional cigarette. So, take it easy and don't rush it, friend!

Disposables vs Pod Kits - How easy is to maintain pod kits? NYKecigs.com

When it comes to maintenance, disposable vapes win the laziness award. You puff on 'em till they give out, then it's a one-way trip to the trash can—no fuss, no muss.

Now, pod vape kits, they're a tad more maintenance. You gotta deal with refilling and swapping out pods. But here's the thing, it's still pretty chill in the maintenance department. These bad boys come with pre-installed coils right in the pods. They pop in and out like magic thanks to those magnetic connections. So, replacing and refilling your vape? Easy-peasy. Perfect for the low-effort vaper in all of us!

Disposables vs Pod Kits - What are the flavour choices? NYKecigs.com

Now, here's a big perk of going with a pod kit over those disposables – you've got way more freedom to explore different e-liquids. See, disposables lock you into their own limited flavor lineup. But when you roll with a pod system, the vaping world is your oyster.

There are thousands of nic salt flavors out there just waiting for you to try. You can fill up your pods with all sorts of unique flavors, so you'll always be on the hunt for your next favorite. Boredom? Not in this vape game!

Disposables vs Pod Kits - What are the environmental impacts? NYKecigs.com
Alright, here's a clear win for pod systems – they've got a better eco-vibe. Those single-use disposable vapes? Yeah, they're like the plastic pollution poster child. They end up piling on the plastic and hazardous waste in landfills.

Now, pod kits aren't perfect, but they're definitely more eco-friendly. Why? Because you can use 'em again and again, instead of tossing 'em in the trash right away.

Just to give you an idea, in the UK alone, they were chucking out a whopping 5 million disposable vape bars every week. Imagine that mix of plastic, copper, rubber, and lithium-ion batteries. Some newer models are now also switching to aluminum shells as well.

Disposables vs Pod Kits - Pro's NYKecigs.com
  • Totally hassle-free
  • No need for upkeep
  • Won't break the bank at the start
  • Perfect for those trying to quit smoking
  • Compact and handy
Disposables vs Pod Kits - Con's NYKecigs.com
  • Gets pricey over time
  • Limited e-juice flavors
  • Not eco-friendly
  • Less control over nicotine levels
Disposables vs Pod Kits
  • Lasts for years
  • Saves you money in the long run
  • Eco-friendlier option
  • Made with top-notch materials for a sleeker vibe and performance
  • Compatible with a wide range of e-liquids
  • Easy to charge and refill
  • Slimmer and compact designs are more widely available.
  • Rapid charging 10-20mins charge times.
Disposables vs Pod Kits
  • Requires a little upkeep
  • You'll need to grab e-liquid maybe once a week, if you weekly shop.
Disposables vs Pod Kits - Conclusion

Choosing the right e-cigarette is a personal journey. It's a unique decision for each person. Someone trying to quit smoking may want a different type than someone who's diving deep into vaping as a hobby.

We hope this guide on the upsides and downsides of disposable gadgets and pod kits has given you a clearer picture of which one suits your style.

If you're eager to explore more vaping options, take a peek at our wide selection of disposable vapes and vape kits today. Or, feel free to chat with one of our experienced NYKecigs Support Team members—they'll gladly help you pick the perfect product for your needs.

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